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Ek soch aisi bhi...

An initiative by Shri Anurag Maheshwari, Society Arrangements for Culture, Humanity, Meditation and Enlightenment (SACHME) aims to be a socio-spiritual volunteer-driven organization for the Hindu expatriates of UAE. The recreational center will be accommodated across UAE in five different locations, therefore, eliminating the need to travel a long distance. 

We strive to connect expatriates to their culture and deities. SACHME would be a blend of modern innovation, Hindu culture and spirituality focusing on festivals, the performing arts, yoga seminars, public chanting, and the distribution of the Hindu literature.


We have set down our goal to provide an activity center for the religious community that will be user friendly and open to all groups and members of the respective communities. 


Today, religion has taken a highly institutionalized form. It is a system of sacred-belief and practices in both the visible and intangible form in sociological terms. This is why our vision of our institution is built on four core competencies.



The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a seven-state federation which has grown from a quiet backwater to one of the most important economic centers in the Middle East. The UAE has a well-established infrastructure, a stable political system and one of the Gulf region’s most liberal trade regimes. As a place to do business and as a hub for the region and beyond, it continues to be increasingly important, relevant, and attractive to companies from around the globe. The United Arab Emirates is also one of the best examples of an economy in the region that has successfully moved away from the energy sector’s dependence. Non-oil revenues represent a significant proportion of the gross domestic product (GDP).

SACHME will be registered social enterprise located near (city). In a business district in the heart of the (City), we have been able to secure a standard and well-positioned villa. SACHME will address all aspects of social enterprises that support the civic, social and spiritual interests of its members. We are aware that it can be challenging to operate a traditional social enterprise that can accommodate individuals of various cultures, tribes and creeds, which is why we are well educated, qualified and prepared for excellent success in our efforts.

A socio-spiritual volunteer-driven recreational center that offers broad-based social services at an affordable membership rate that will not push away our members of SACHME. We will plan social and civic activities that all of our members and corporate donors will benefit from.

Whenever they take up membership in our recreational center, we will ensure that we work hard to meet and exceed the standards of our members. The best interests of our members and supporters will always come first, and everything we do is motivated by our values and professional ethics.

SACHME will express its commitment to sustainability at all times, both personally and as a social enterprise, by actively engaging in our communities and, whenever possible, incorporating sustainable business practices. We will ensure that we are accountable to the highest standards by correctly and thoroughly addressing the needs of our devotees.

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